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Look! The Romans!

In learning Latin from Ecce Romani, you will acquire a rich Latin
vocabulary as you read stories about members of a Roman family
in a variety of situation

Ecce Romani, which means “Look! The Romans!”, is the title of a beautiful
series of Latin books based on Ecce Romani: A Latin Reading Course,
originally prepared by The Scottish Classics Group and published in the
United Kingdom by Oliver and Boyd, a division of Longman Group.

The books in the series present the Romans to you as you learn the Latin
language that they spoke. At first you will meet the members of a Roman
family. As you continue reading, you will meet mythological and historical
characters that meant much to the Romans and remain part of our
cultural heritage today.

You will be introduced to a vast and colorful world of ancient
Mediterranean and European civilizations, that included peoples who
spoke many different languages, and you will meet people of many
different cultures and social levels, ranging from slaves to emperors.
You will read passages from many ancient Roman writers and thus
come into direct communication with the ancient Romans themselves.

The Latin Language
As you read stories about the Roman family in this book, you will be
learning Latin, a language that gave birth to a number of languages that
are still used today, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and
Romanian. These modern languages are known as Romance languages,
because they come from the language used by the ancient Romans.

In addition, even though the English language developed out of Germanic
dialects, as much as sixty percent of English vocabulary comes directly
or indirectly from Latin. Many French words of Latin origin were
introduced into English by Normans, a French people who conquered
the English in 1066.

Many other words of Latin origin came into English during the revival of
classical learning in the Renaissance and Enlightenment (1550 and
following), and Latin words have come to continue to come into English
usage in scientific, medical, and legal terminology. The connections you
will make between Latin words and English words will enhance your
understanding of English vocabulary, especially of its larger,
polysyllabic words.

By connecting English, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and German
words with their Latin roots, you will increase your ability to learn other
Romance languages, and to use English words correctly and effectively.

In learning Latin from Ecce Romani, you will acquire a rich Latin
vocabulary as you read stories about members of a Roman family in a
variety of situations. These excellent series make easier for you enjoy a
wealth of detail and local color in the stories without requiring you to
master an excessive number of Latin words.


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